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About Us

Alexandria International Security and Guarding Co.

  • Alexandria International Security and Guarding Company is distinguished by having administrators with experience in this type of activity, the Chairman of the Board of Directors has been working in   the Armed Forces for twenty years in all fields such as identification of crime and comprehensive security.

  • The company is distinguished by having agreat experience in security fields and has worked with the militeny forces  &ministry of interior concerning all kinds of security & guards  services


Our Fields

• Guarding and security services of important vital installations, with 12-hour shift system.

• Guarding real estate and towers with 8 hours shift system.

• Guarding agricultural and disputed lands, and guarding building lands, with 8 hours shift system

• Guarding services of commercial markets, industries and equipment.

  • Second Montazah district (Alexandria)

  • Retail Group Egypt (Cairo Festival - Mall of Arab - Mohandessin - City Stars)

  • Smouha Youth Center (Alexandria)

  • Marks and Spencer (City Stars)

  • Mango Stores (Mohandessin - City Stars  - Cairo Festival)

  • GAP Stores (City Stars - Mall of Arabia  - Cairo Festival)

  • Old Navy Stores (Mall of Arab - City Stars)

  • New Yorker Store (Cairo Festival - Mall of Arabia - City Stars)

  • Aldo Store (Alexandria  - Cairo Festival)

  • Ted Baker (Cairo Festival - City Stars)

  • Guess Jeans (City Center - Mohandessin   - Cairo Festival - City Stars)

  • Hoda Shaarawy Schools Complex (Mostafa Kamel)

  • Azadea Group (City Center)

  • Pull & Bear Store (City Center)

  • Bershka Store (City Center)

  • Sun Glass Store (City Center)

  • Marks and Spencer (Dandy Mall - Mall of Egypt)

  • Toys R Us (Mall of Egypt)

  • Mister Baker (Sidi Gaber)

  • Alexandria Bakery Company (Al-Hadra)

  • Suprema Egypt (Borg Al Arab)

  • Tres Bien Patisserie (Abbis)

  • Lachica Stores (Raml Station)

  • El Shamadan Biscuit Factory (Dekheila - Alexandria)

  • Candy Biscuit Factory (Seyouf - Alexandria)

  • Misr Modern Chemicals Company (Dekheila - Alexandria)

  • Ring Distribution Company for Orascom Telecom (Smouha - Alexandria)

  • Sea Green Shipping and Unloading Company (Dekheila Port - Alexandria)

  • CMA Shipping Company (Alexandria Port)

  • Alexandria International Exchange Company (Mansheya - Alexandria)

  • Doctors Exchange Company (Alexandria and its four branches)

  • Hanoon Exchange Company (Alexandria)

  • Sogic Company for Clothes (Burj Al Arab - Alexandria)

  • Amco Foods Company (Borg El Arab Alexandria)

  • Egypt Lights Company (Burj Al Arab - Alexandria)

  • Employee Printing Company (Burj Al Arab - Alexandria)

  • The National Shipping and Unloading Company (Dekheila - Alexandria)

  • Venus Shipping and Unloading Company (Dekheila - Alexandria)

  • Montrade Shipping and Unloading Company (Dekheila - Alexandria)

  • Alexandria Container Handling Company (Dekheila Port - Alexandria)

  • Brutal Paints Company (Alexandria)

  • La Marquise Company (Smouha - Alexandria)

  • Master for Engineering Industries (Smouha - Alexandria)

  • Orkela Petrochemical Company (Alexandria Free Zone)

  • Industrial Development Bank (Borg El Arab and Alexandria branches)

Company Projects

  • Nile Engineering Company, agency of FIAT (Mansheya - Alexandria)

  • Chrysler Tarek Ismail Company (El-Kabbary Branch - Alexandria)

  • Alexandria Refractories Company (Hadra - Alexandria)

  • Alwan Company for Knitting and Dyeing, one of the group establishments (Burj Al Arab - Alexandria)

  • El Marwa Oils Factory (Borg El Arab - Alexandria)

  • Alexandria Company for Refractories (Amreya - Alexandria)

  • Modern Pastry Press (Borg El Arab - Alexandria)

  • Mercedes Company (K 17 Amiriya Mirghem - Alexandria)

  • Majestic Shipping Company (Sultan Hussein - Alexandria)

  • Housing and Development Bank (Sultan Hussein - Alexandria)

  • Giston Post Company (Laurent Branch - Alexandria)

  • Sabtec Company for Petroleum Services (Smouha and Margham branches - Alexandria)

  • Lamizon Factory for Wood Trade (Moharram Bey Branch - Alexandria)

  • Alexandria Food Industries Company (Sadat City)

  • Factory Stars Hassan Al-Oqdah (Abbasiya branch, Shubra El-Khaima - Cairo)

  • Crazy Show Factory (Tenth of Ramadan)

  • Egy Trans Tourism Company ()

  • Factory Commercial Tourism Company (6th of October City)

  • El Estad Factory For Shoes Supplies (Tenth of Ramadan)

  • Golden Eagle Factory (Zaytoun - Cairo)

  • Obelisk Quarry (Aswan)

  • Dana Clothes Factory (6th of October City)

  • Commercial Store (Nasr City)

  • Basement store in Hidco Golden City (Nasr City)

  • Alexandria Sweets Company - Ali Baba Gum (Tookh)

  • Modern Wood Company (Mahalla)

  • The National Metal Industries Company - Al Maamoun (New Salhia Industrial Zone)

  • Al Yusr Plastic Factory (Qalyubia, Shubra El Khaymah)

  • Future Printing and Carton Company (Port Said)

  • Hebron stores (Abdel Qader - Alexandria)

  • Al Sharq Company for Trade and Manufacturing - OATRA (Mirghem - Alexandria)

  • United Arab Shipping Agency Company - Egypt (Azarita - Alexandria)

  • Al Mabrouk Company for Modern Industries (Burj Al Arab - Alexandria)

  • Junior Clothes Factory (Margham - Alexandria)

  • Future Printing Company (Port Said)

  • Nefertiti Company for Printing and Publishing (Burj Al Arab - Alexandria)

  • Latour Store (Roushdy Alexandria)

  • El Karouby Group (Agami, Misr Station, Coast)

  • La Noisette Pastry (Smouha - Alexandria)

  • Arrows Petroleum Company (Moharram Bey, Al-Mitras)

  • Canadian Company for Concrete (El-Kabbary, Abbis, Umm Zaghou)

  • General Fever Hospital (Al-Hadra - Alexandria)

  • Farouk Sadiq Village (Hannoville - Alexandria)

  • Volcano Village (El Hanoville - Alexandria)

  • Sky Village (North Coast)

  • Virginia Village (North Coast)

  • The applied village (North Coast

  • Germaine Village (North Coast)

  • El Shorouk Village (North Coast)

  • Lotus Village (North Coast)

  • Andalusia Village (Matrouh)

  • Raqouda Restaurant (El Shatby - Alexandria)

  • Tarboush Restaurant (Green Plaza - Alexandria)

  • Crazy House (Sidi Beshr - Alexandria)

  • Milano Cafeteria (Mandara - Alexandria)

  • Industrial Development and Workers Bank of Egypt (all branches nationwide)

  • Piraeus Bank (Sadat Branch)

  • Manar Al Mamoura School (Maamoura - Alexandria)

  • Sunshine School (Moharram Bey - Alexandria)

  • Al Forsan Horse School (Amreya - Alexandria)

  • Majed Shaker Language School (Smouha - Alexandria)

  • Morayef Hospital (Amiriya - Alexandria)

  • Roshdy Specialized Hospital (Bolkeley - Alexandria)

  • Dr. Hospital Ibrahim Nada (Bolkeley - Alexandria)

  • Thebes Hospital (Victoria - Alexandria)

  • Abu Qir Hospital (Abu Qir - Alexandria)

  • Al Balshi Hospital (Karmouz - Alexandria)

  • Sidi Gaber Specialized Hospital (Sidi Gaber - Alexandria)

  • Barney Nursery (Stanley - Alexandria)


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